Why Patriot CBD?

As a 100% disabled Marine. I was on opioids for 30 years. This made me a zombie all the time. Then I found CBD. I got off the opioids and got my life back.  We started this company to help our fellow Veterans and First Responders and developed the most pure CBD for PTSD and pain

Natural Healing

5000 MG of Organic CBD suspended in 100% Organic Coconut Oil 

Our Promise to You

To provide The Finest Quality Product at a Reasonable Price

Who is it for?

Designed for Military personnel and first responders. Designed with potency and quality in mind, our CBD oil can handle the toughest applications. For use by anyone who has issues that CBD has been shown to help.

Original Patriot CBD for PTSD, Pain and Anxiety

What is CBD

Based on our extensive research and years of seeking out the best high quality, organic CBD for PTSD, we found one of the most potent and pure oils on the market.

Highest Pontency

Most CBD Oil available is sold as full spectrum, when it’s not. Also sold in low dosages like 1500mg or even 500mg. These watered down versions are a waste of money and ultimately, you’re getting more for your money with our 5000mg  oils

CBD For Pain

What people are saying:

I use Original Patriot CBD for myself and my dog for pain relief. It works great on both of us!!! I only take a couple of drops twice a day. I'm a very satisfied customer. 

Suzie M.

Red Rock, TX

I had incredible neck and hand pain before I started using Original Patriot CBD. If I stop using it, the pain returns! I'm glad I found this CBD product. I will definitely be purchasing again.

Pete S.

Dale, TX

I used to wake up with neck pain every single day. Since I started work with Original Patriot, I wake up well rested with no pain. 


Phoenix, AZ

Original Patriot CBD oil has been a life-changer! I used to have severe migraines multiple times a week and would take prescription migraine medication for relief. But, since taking this CBD oil, my migrained have virtually disappeared and I no longer rely on my migrainie medicine. I will continue using Patriot CBD for many years to come! Thank you.

Melody A.

Phoenix, AZ

CBD for Pain